Conversations With my Students

A few choice  words from my students…. Feel free to add some of your own!

Me: “So did you learn any goofy songs at summer camp?”
Student: “No, mostly they had sailboats in them. My mom knows the words.”

Me: “So, what’s new and interesting this week?”
Student:  “Grandma has spiders on her legs and crinkly elbows.”

Me: “So what’s new this week?”
Student: “Mom got a new pooper scooper.”

Me: “That was interesting…. You had some creative rhythms in there that I don’t think the composer ever considered.”
Student: “You mean it was a train wreck.”

Me: “That was pretty stinky.” (said to a student with whom I have a long-standing relationship that can handle this!)
Student: “I thought it sounded pretty good…. until it didn’t.”

Me: “So, how do you think that went?”
Student: “Pretty good.”
Me: “Yeah? It’s written in 3/4 time, but you played it in 4/4. And you forgot all the sharps in the key of A major. And you skipped these three lines entirely.”
Student: “But it was still pretty good, right?”

Me: “So, what’s new?”
Student: “After piano, I’m going over to my uncle’s house to play with my band.”
Me: “Really? Who’s in your band?”
Student: “Me and my uncle.”

Me: “That was great. Your finger position was so good that even if I were standing all the way over there in the kitchen, I would be able to tell how good your hand position was just by listening to you.”
Student: “I think piano teachers are a different kind of human.”

10 thoughts on “Conversations With my Students”

  1. Me: And the horns went toot…toot…toot,toot,toot
    5 yr. old student: “Ms.M,” That’s obnoxious!

  2. A student to me when she jumped into one of her pieces without my go-ahead…

    “I’m going to tune it and make sure it is in the right position”.

  3. Me: Anything exciting happening this week?

    Student: “Well, we’re going cosmetic bowling on Saturday.” 🙂

  4. 7 year old Student: You should be a music teacher.
    Me: Well, I AM a music teacher, I teach piano…or do you mean at a school?
    Student: Yes
    Me: Why?
    Student: Cuz you’re good at music. 🙂

  5. Me to 7 year old boy: Your wrists are drooping.

    Student: Oh, you man I shouldn’t let my wrists drop down into the hot molten lava. )

  6. (I had just purchased school themed stickers with sayings like, “A+” and “You Rule” with a picture of a ruler, instead of my usual music themed stickers).

    Student: Wow, you have teacher stickers!
    Me: Aren’t I a teacher?

  7. When teaching a rambunctious 7-year-old about staccato and legato, I turned the page to his first song using the articulations. I pointed to the dots on the notes and asked him what they meant, and he said, “Oh, yeah! Colorado!”

    At the next lesson, I quizzed the same child over the same markings, and he replied with a slight lisp, “I remember that – it’s sta-taco!” (You probably had to be there…)

  8. Me: And what note is this?
    Student: Oh, that’s “B”!
    “B” is my sixth favorite letter, out of the top ten.

    He was so serious…. I don’t know how I managed to keep a straight face.

  9. While quizzing on musical symbol flashcards:
    Me: “What does the sharp sign mean? What does it do to the note?”

    *My student looks at the card very intently for a few moments, then I see her eyes start to wander, and suddenly…”

    Student: “Did you feed your fish today???”

    I don’t know why I thought that putting something as distracting as a cute beta fish in a small aquarium in my office was a good idea.

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